Bring peace to the Middle East! 42: What is the cause ?

中東に平和を! 42: 何が原因のか? 1



< 1. Palestinian girls collecting drinking water in 1938 >
< 1.パレスチナの水汲みの少女達、1938年 >
These four photos are in the era of British Mandate for Palestine, and borrowed from

So far, we have looked at a chain of the retaliation that happened in the Middle East.
From now on, I consider why the war and terrorism frequently has risen up in the Middle East.



< 2. Jerusalem viewed from the olive mountain in 1938 >
< 2. オリーブ山から見たエルサレム、1938年 >
This present miserable condition was caused as the result of a chain of retaliation that had happened everywhere and it spread.
It is compared to that some sparks are blasted by strong wind on dry grassland, and become big fire before long.
I compare the cause to three elements, dry grassy grassland and sparks, strong wind.





< 3. Jewish demonstration in 1939 >
< 3. ユダヤ人のデモ、1939年 >
Main flow of the conflicts in the Middle East
The problem of Palestine dates back to the time when Jew colonized in large quantities in the era of British Mandate for Palestine (1920-48) .
The biggest cause was Jew-baiting and colonial policy by Europe.


Taking this opportunity, the Middle East war began, it expanded the Lebanon War (1982), and the intifada (1987-2000) led to endless conflict between Palestine and Israel.
During the Middle East war (1948-73), Egypt and Syria mainly fought with Israel, Egypt became impoverished, and Syria came to do military intervention against Lebanon.
At this time, these wars expanded because Europe and America and the Soviet Union competed for hegemony and interests (including petroleum) in the Middle East.


When Islamic Revolution (1979) happened in Iran, neighbor Iraq performed Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) with support of the Europe and America, and then recklessly rushed to the Gulf War (1991).
In the background of the Iranian Revolution, there was a hatred for Europe and America and disappointment with previous secularization.
This is attributed to the fact that the U. S. crushed the democratization of Iran (1953), the Arab countries became impoverished by the Middle East war that Europe and America took part in, and in the result, pan-Arab nationalism under Nasser (secularization and modernization) collapsed.


When Soviet–Afghan War (1978-89) broke out, the U. S. strengthened Islamic militia of Arab to an armed group to oppose the Soviet Union, and al Qaeda was born.
However, when the US forces were stationed in Saudi Arabia at the time of the Gulf War, al Qaeda converted to anti-Americanism as it violated the sacred place of Islam, and performed the terrorist attacks on September 11 (2001).
The U. S. was angry at it and started the Iraqi War (2003).
As a result, Iraq was wasted, and al Qaeda expanded the power in the Iraq under the confusion, and the Islamic State separated from it.


After that, an momentum for democracy was growing in the Arab world, and the Arab Spring (2010-) happened.
This brought most Arabic countries anti-government demonstration, and Syria thoroughly oppressed it by military power and developed into civil war.
Taking advantage of this confusion, the Islamic State entered neighbor Syria, outwitted many other radicals, extended the power, and it still exist today.












< 4. King David Hotel bombing in 1946 became a turning point >
< 4.転機となったキング・デイヴィッド・ホテル爆破事件、1946年 >


What are the dry grassland and strong wind?
People of all countries except Palestine were under the rule of puppet kings of the Europe and America about half a century ago, and had suffered the autocracy and severe rich-poor gap, and then desired to transcend this condition.


Egypt, Iraq, and Syria repeated a bloody coup d’etat, became the military dictatorship, and aimed at the secularization (modernization) .
Iran let a revolution succeed by only demonstration against the government and returned to Islam.
The oil-producing countries continue old-fashioned Imperial rule like Saudi Arabia.
It may be said that the aftereffects of these colonies are dry grassland.


The military nations that were debt-laden public finance from the colony times had to depend on large countries for vast cost of development and war.
However, because of the Cold War of the U.S. and Russia, the nations irresistibly had to decide to go under the umbrella of either, and had to fight in the proxy war like Israel and Arab.
The tragedy of the proxy war is that the both countries must continue fighting for a balance that these large countries expect.
It may be said that this external military intervention is strong wind.


However, the sparks are still left.


This continues the next time.







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