Bring peace to the Middle East! 58: when religions were born 6: Islam 1

中東に平和を! 58: 宗教が誕生する時 6: イスラム教 1


< 1. the Kaaba in Mecca >
< 1. メッカのカーバ神殿 >

I investigate the birth of Islam in twice.




< 2. Three trade routes >
< 2. 三つの交易ルート >

The age when Muhammad (around 570 – 632) was born
Two ancient civilizations were born in the Middle East, but the desert Arabian Peninsula was out of the area.
Country began to be born in the southwest and northern parts of the peninsula since about A.D., and several countries had contested there in about the 3 rd century.
Cities were born in plateaus and oases, camel caravans in the desert were responsible for trade, and caravan cities were made in the routes.
Nomads who were living in tents made tribal societies, sometimes joined hands and at other times separated from others, and repeatedly had fought.
There were three routes of east-west trade on the Peninsula, two sea routes going through the Persian Gulf (blue line) and the Red Sea (red line), and a land route (brown line) parallel to the Red Sea.
Mecca where Muhammad was born was one of the caravan cities in this land route.




The Persia and the Byzantine Empire of the two great empires were fighting each other, it began to influence the whole peninsula since about the 4th century.
With this, civilization and the sophistication of weapons advanced throughout the peninsula.
On the other hand, when the Persia and the Byzantine Empire entered a peace treaty in the second half of the sixth century, the main trade route became the Persian Gulf, the caravan cities of the land route declined, the nomadic population increased in reverse, and the conflict intensified.
This is “Jahiliyyah” in Islam.
However, in the beginning of the 7th century, when both empires began war, trade route returned to the land route.


At that time, the north-south ethnic groups of the peninsula deepened exchanges and had Arabic of common language.
In the peninsula, there was a polytheism of idolatry, but Christianity propagation progressed by the influence of the two great empires.
Judaism also had spread by Diaspora Jewry, and many Jews had lived in Medina.
In Mecca, there was the Kaaba that many statues were enshrined since a long time ago.





< 3. Muhammad in Medina >
< 3. メディナのムハンマド >

The act of the Muhammad
He was born as a member of a large tribe of Mecca, was married and had succeeded in commerce trading, but suddenly, heard the revelation of Allah of the one God at about the age of 40.
Because he preached this, made a group of believers, and accused the idolatry of the Kaaba, they were persecuted by ruler class in Mecca.
However, people of the Medina impressed with his doctrine asked him to save mess of the town.
Then, he moved to the Medina with his believers and family (Hijra).
Before long, he conflicted with Jewish in the Medina about ritual, defeated them in battle, and completed a strong Islamic community “Ummah”.
Then he won the fight against Mecca’s army corps.
He died shortly after dominating Mecca, but already the Islam had spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

This continues the next time.




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