Bring peace to the Middle East! 60: when religions were born 8: concluding section

中東に平和を! 60: 宗教が誕生する時 8: 最後に




Until now, I reviewed the birth of five religions.
We saw how each religion was advancing the division of roles among the politics and law.
This time, it is a summary.





What was common in the birth of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam?

It can be said that all these religions brought about stability to the society by renewing old religions.
However, the circumstances of the doctrine and religious group were different depending on the religion, society, and politics at the time of the birth.
In a confused society, when existing religion and national system were strong, the religion had a tendency to break away from the precepts and laws like Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism.
Development of science (medicine) and thought was indispensable for breaking away from them, but I don’t mention here.
Even though they tended to avoid law and politics at the birth, these religions were adopted by state religion because of their doctrines, and developed greatly.
Eventually they became incorporated into politics.




I see the difference of these religions about engagement with the politics and law.
Christianity that had the laws and religious precepts basing on the Old Testament had to coexist with Roman Law due to it was nearing completion already from the beginning.
Even powerful religious group had been withdrawing from politics due to a power struggle between pope and emperor in the 12th century at the beginning, next undergoing religious reform, and the separation of religion from politics in the French Revolution of the 18th century at last.

Since Buddhism and Confucianism originally denied the law ruling society and the rule of God, after having become state religion, they treated only religious precepts and rituals, and did not interfere with politics and law.



On the other hand, even in the same confused society, when a solidarity and unity of the society became top priority due to existing religions or social systems were immature, the religious precepts and norms were emphasized like Judaism and Islam.
Therefore, both religions developed together with these newborn states from the birth.
That is to say, religion, politics and laws were united.
Hinduism was also close to it.

However, there was a difference in the subsequent development.
The Palestine that was rebuild at the same time as the birth of Judaism was ruined at the 1st century A.D.
The Jews that scattered around the world had lived in a small closed group, so they never participated in the politics and laws of the country themselves.
But, currently it has changed in the United States and Israel.



Meanwhile, the Islamic empire that continued to expand the area broke up in the 9th century, and several caliphs came to have comparable power to each other.
Furthermore, the real power of politics changed from caliph to monarch (sultan, emir), and Muslim lost original supreme leader (caliph).
However, the role of the religious law (Sharia) continues to live by the Koran and the Islamic community.

At the end
Something I wanted to indicate in this chapter “when religions were born” is that each religion is reviving the social circumstances of about 2000 years ago, as the religion had played a role in the birth.

Next time, I consider about the relationship between contemporary religion and politics.



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