Bring peace to the Middle East! 80: At the end

中東に平和を! 80: 終わりに 


A year has passed since I started this series.
I write a summary and impressions at the end.





1. At the start
2. What do I aim at?
3. About the Middle East and Arab
4. Outline of conflicts in the Middle East
5. Outline of conflicts in the Middle East 2
6. A popular book 1
7. A popular book 2
8. Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 1: The beginning
9. Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 2: Lawrence of Arabia
10.Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 3: Schindler’s List
11.Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 4: The Four Feathers
12.Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 5: The Wind and the Lion
13.Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 6: The historical backdrop
14.Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 7: Terraferma
15.Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 8: Refugee issue 1
16.Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 9: Refugee issue 2
17.Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 10: the other son
18.Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 11: Israeli-Palestinian conflict 1
19.Israeli-Palestinian conflict 1: voices of the young 1
20.Israeli-Palestinian conflict 2: voices of the young 2
21.about terrorism 1 : at the beginning
22.about terrorism 2 : an assassination
23.about terrorism 3 : the background 1
24.about terrorism 4 : the background 2
25.about terrorism 5 : Various assassination
26.about terrorism 6 : maneuver secretly in Mossad
27.about terrorism 7 : Love and hate of Mossad
28.about terrorism 8 : terrorists and a conscientious objector
29.about terrorism 9 : Two combatants
30.about terrorism 10 : fight of believer
31.chain of retaliation 1 : in the end
32.chain of retaliation 2 : What is bad?
33.chain of retaliation 3 : in Syria and Lebanon
34.chain of retaliation 4 : Israel and Palestinian 1
35.chain of retaliation 5 : Israel and Palestinian 2
36.I beg a favor of you.
37.Thank for your answers.
38.chain of retaliation 6 : the intifada
39.chain of retaliation 7 : the Middle East war
40.chain of retaliation 8 : Why the Middle East war began? 1
41.chain of retaliation 9 : Why the Middle East war began? 2
42.What is the cause ?
43.What is the cause ? 2
44.What is the cause ? 3
45.Now, something I think. 1
46.Now, something I think. 2
47.religion and persecution 1: at the beginning
48.religion and persecution 2: Prejudice against Islam
49.religion and persecution 3: Persecution of Jewish people 1
50.religion and persecution 4: Persecution of Jewish people 2
51.religion and persecution 5: Persecution of Jewish people 3
52.religion and persecution 6: Persecution of Jewish people 4
53.when religions were born 1: preface
54.when religions were born 2: Judaism
55.when religions were born 3: Christianity
56.when religions were born 4: Buddhism
57.when religions were born 5: Confucianism
58.when religions were born 6: Islam 1
59.when religions were born 7: Islam 2
60.when religions were born 8: concluding section
61.Religion and Politics 1
62.Religion and Politics 2
63.Why was it exhausted ? 1: Introduction
64.Why was it exhausted ? 2: selfishness of major nations and multinationals
65.Why was it exhausted ? 3: Why is the selfishness permissible?
66.Why was it exhausted ? 4: When do major nations become selfishness?
67.Why was it exhausted ? 5: History repeats itself
68.Why was it exhausted ? 6: The period background of imperialism 1
69.Why was it exhausted ? 7: The period background of imperialism 2
70.Why was it exhausted ? 8: The mentality of the imperialism 1
71.Why was it exhausted ? 9: The mentality of the imperialism 2
72.Why was it exhausted ? 10: When did the world stand at a crossroad? 1
73.Why was it exhausted ? 11: When did the world stand at a crossroad? 2
74.Why was it exhausted ? 12: When did the world stand at a crossroad? 3
75.Why was it exhausted ? 13: What happened in Congo ? 1
76.Why was it exhausted ? 14: What happened in Congo ? 2
77.Why was it exhausted ? 15: What happened in Congo ? 3
78.Why was it exhausted ? 16: What happened in Congo ? 4
79.Why was it exhausted ? 17: What happened in Congo ? 5
80.At the end



4.中東の紛争のあらまし 1
5.中東の紛争のあらまし 2
6.人気がある本 1
7.人気がある本 2
8.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 1: はじめに
9.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 2: アラビアのロレンス
10.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 3: シンドラーのリスト
11.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 4: サハラに舞う白い羽根
12.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 5: 風とライオン
13.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 6: その時代背景
14.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 7: 海と大陸
15.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 8: 難民問題 1
16.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 8: 難民問題 2
17.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 9: もうひとりの息子
18.映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 11: パレスチナ紛争 1
19.イスラエルとパレスチナの紛争 1: 若者の声 1
20.イスラエルとパレスチナの紛争 2: 若者の声 2
21.テロについて 1: はじめに
22.テロについて 2: ある暗殺
23.テロについて 3: その背景 1
24.テロについて 4: その背景 2
25.テロについて 5: 様々な暗殺
26.テロについて 6: モサドの暗躍
27.テロについて 7: モサドの恩讐
28.テロについて 8: テロ犯と兵役拒否者
29.テロについて 9: 二人の戦闘員
30.テロについて 10: 信者の戦い
31.報復の連鎖 1: その果てに
32.報復の連鎖 2: 何が悪いのか?
33.報復の連鎖 3: シリアとレバノンで
34.報復の連鎖 4: イスラエルとパレスチナ 1
35.報復の連鎖 5: イスラエルとパレスチナ 2
38.報復の連鎖 6: インティファーダ
39.報復の連鎖 7: 中東戦争
40.報復の連鎖 8: なぜ中東戦争は始まったのか? 1
41.報復の連鎖 9: なぜ中東戦争は始まったのか? 2
42.何が原因か? 1
43.何が原因か? 2
44.何が原因か? 3
45.今、思うこと 1
46.今、思うこと 2
47.宗教と迫害 1: はじめに
48.宗教と迫害 2: イスラム教への偏見
49.宗教と迫害 3: ユダヤ人の迫害 1
50.宗教と迫害 4: ユダヤ人の迫害 2
51.宗教と迫害 5: ユダヤ人の迫害 3
52.宗教と迫害 6: ユダヤ人の迫害 4
53.宗教が誕生する時 1: はじめに
54.宗教が誕生する時 2: ユダヤ教
55.宗教が誕生する時 3: キリスト教
56.宗教が誕生する時 4: 仏教
57.宗教が誕生する時 5: 儒教
58.宗教が誕生する時 6: イスラム教 1
59.宗教が誕生する時 7: イスラム教 2
60.宗教が誕生する時 8: 最後に
61.宗教と政治 1
62.宗教と政治 2
63.なぜ疲弊したのか 1: はじめに
64.なぜ疲弊したのか 2: 大国と多国籍企業の身勝手
65.なぜ疲弊したのか 3: なぜ身勝手がまかり通るのか
66.なぜ疲弊したのか 4: 大国が身勝手になる時
67.なぜ疲弊したのか 5: 歴史は繰り返す
68.なぜ疲弊したのか 6: 帝国主義の時代背景 1
69.なぜ疲弊したのか 7: 帝国主義の時代背景 2
70.なぜ疲弊したのか 8: 帝国主義の心性 1
71.なぜ疲弊したのか 9: 帝国主義の心性 2
72.なぜ疲弊したのか 10: 何が岐路になったのか? 1
73.なぜ疲弊したのか 11: 何が岐路になったのか? 2
74.なぜ疲弊したのか 12: 何が岐路になったのか? 3
75.なぜ疲弊したのか 13: コンゴで何があったのか 1
76.なぜ疲弊したのか 14: コンゴで何があったのか 2
77.なぜ疲弊したのか 15: コンゴで何があったのか 3
78.なぜ疲弊したのか 16: コンゴで何があったのか 4
79.なぜ疲弊したのか 17: コンゴで何があったのか 5




What was I writing about in this series?
I have felt distress at violence of Islamic State (IS), and plight of refugees and Palestine.
Then I got a book criticizing Islamic civilization by Bernard Lewis (annotation 1).
This book was full of contempt but was a bestseller in the United States.
This had showed many people affirm the action of the United States that had plunged the Middle East into confusion, and so I had a sense of crisis.
In it, there is a prejudice of Western civilization (Judaism, Christianity) against Islamic civilization.
So I started this series.

Initially I tried to introduce the present situation in the Middle East and the outline of the colonial era.
Next, I looked for the motives and background of terrorism that prolonged the conflict.
And I looked at a chain of retaliation all over the place.
The chain of retaliation is the most universal mechanism to expand every war.
The hatred producing the retaliation was between tribes and sects, and even between different civilizations and religions.

Then, to search for origin of the hatred between civilizations and the religious persecution, I compared the birth of world religions.
The difference in religion is certainly an origin of the confrontation, but is only a part.

On the other hand, in having examined the history of the Middle East, the colonial domination was understood as the origin of hatred and exhaustion.
If you look at the world, many countries other than the Middle East also are being distressed by conflict, dictatorship and economic downturn.
And, the more harshly a country was treated by the Western colonial domination a century ago, the more likely a country was exhausted.
Even after independence, the conflicts are frequent and prolonged due to the proxy war of the Cold War.

So, I examined the colonial domination.
Why did Western Europe do harsh colonial domination?
Why was the colonial society being exhausted?
Why do the conflict and stagnation continue even after independence?

And today I finish this series.











Something I think now
I hope that my article solves the misunderstandings about the Middle East and Islam in any way and is useful for the world peace.
Unfortunately, I could not find even a clue for bringing peace in the Middle East.

In the course of this investigation, I lost my energy every time knowing a state of utter confusion.
However, I have continued with the desire to have to avoid the world going this wrong way any more.

In an extreme instance, it can be said that the war and exhaustion of the Middle East began from the colonial domination of Western Europe.
However, we can not say to Western Europe having responsibility for it.

The world must be very peaceful if there aren’t the imperialism and violence of great nation that is continuing even now.
Discrimination emotions and hatred have approved the violence, but this is not limited to Westerners.
My concern is that the pursuit of greed and strong power on the pretext of freedom is increasing momentum.
Forenamed Bernard Lewis justified the military invasion by despising the Islamic world as backward civilization and frail society.
Still, a logic of imperialism continues to live.
Naturally, within a nation ruled by law, this logic is denied, but this trend is increasing momentum, mainly in Europe and the United States.
It is a truly dangerous sign.

At the very least, the Europe and the United States reflect on the past conduct, should stop the invasion and intervention.

On the other hand, there seem to be no way to recover the former colonial society once destroyed.
Have we no choice but to expect a fortuity, passing years, or correspondences changed of great nation?

However, there is a faint hope.

Certainly, humanity has repeated folly, but also produced unexpected solutions.

Buddha led to a freedom from the corrupt politics, Jesus did to it from the invaded and exhausted society, and Mohamed did to it from the society where conflict persisted.
Their behaviors changed the world.

After that, Gandhi in India, Robert Schuman in France (Annotation 2), Reverend King in the United States, Mandela in South Africa, and Shevardnadze in the Soviet Union asked for reconciliation rather than confrontation, and left a mark on the world.

The world is also cooperating with the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the Convention on Climate Change Framework Convention (COP).

In this greedy world, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Amnesty International and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) (annotation 3) are working for the Peace and protection of human rights by people’s goodwill and dedication.














< 5. Please give a donation >
< 5. 募金をお願いします >


I hope the world is peaceful.
Until now, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my articles.




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One thought on “Bring peace to the Middle East! 80: At the end

  1. mentalpit95

    中近東 アラブやその周辺の
    再来 復活というのか
    あるいは アッツラーとして
    私は 神の 位置にいた
    net社会の 怖さを
    充分に 知った
    なるべく 関わらないように
    いつからか 過ごしてきた頃に
    貴方の 投稿を 目にした
    結局 民族の問題 影響を与えた
    大国の 干渉に 問いただす
    民族の 誰かの 出現を 願うまでの
    世界の 善良な ホローを
    忘れては いけないのであろう
    フェイスブックで 私は
    彼らと 関わりをもってしまったが
    微力な私には 背負いきれる
    貴方の 科学の著作物は ぜひ
    紙媒体を 通しての 公表を期待する

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