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The society and the information 33:  Information crosses the border 7


< 1. Kremlin >


This time also, following the last time, I see how the Soviet Union reported the nuclear plant accident that happened in Ukraine.



 Gorbachev and Reagan

< 2. Gorbachev and Reagan >


In 1985, Gorbachev advocated perestroika (reform), and was inaugurated as the supreme leader of the Soviet Union.

This was just a year before the nuclear plant accident.

He developed the following opinions about this nuclear plant accident at home and abroad and corresponded.






A. The atomic energy is the original sin of the human civilization, and the accident is the wrath of Heaven.

Taking this opportunity, he appealed for the menace of the nuclear weapon and stopping the nuclear test within the country, and then progressed the agreement of the nuclear weapon reduction between the United States.

It proceeded to the conclusion of the Cold War in 1989 year before long.

Probably, the nuclear plant accident was used for an excuse of stopping the arms race that had weakened the national power.


A 原子力は人類文明の原罪であり、事故は天罰である。





 B.  The western media discharge falsehood reports, and are trying to trample us.

“Thousands of casualties appeared one after another, and all around became full of graves. The whole land of Ukraine was polluted by the radioactivity, and the capital became the wasteland where the trees and plants would not grow.”

He said that he demanded the confidence in the government to the people, because the west had been reporting such lie.

The people will be always exposed to such news that truth and falsity were mixed in, and were different at home and abroad.


B 西側メディアは虚偽報道を垂れ流し、我々を踏みにじろうとしている。





.  Outskirts city of the Chernobyl nuclear plant became ruins 

< 3. Outskirts city of the Chernobyl nuclear plant became ruins >


C. This accident is a maximum example of the bad effect of the old regime.

This accident brought the new government two help.

One thing made the accident liability the incompetence of the local administrative organ (Ukraine) of the Communist Party, and the bad effect of the central old regime.

This made the unskillful handling of the new administration less noticeable.

On the other hand, the government announced that the scientists of the Soviet Union had shut away the radioactivity of the accident and the measures were perfect.


C この事故は、旧体制の弊害の最たるものである。







< 4. Shevardnadze >


The other was a good opportunity to infiltrate the information disclosure at home and abroad.

Shevardnadze that was appointed the foreign minister carried out already the information disclosure partly in Republic of Georgia and had shown the results.

The government showed the details of the accident and the damage, accepted the inspection of the American Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and promoted the nuclear power accident coverage taken by the domestic media organization.

The image of the new government that will sweep away the bad effect due to the secretiveness was able to spread at home and abroad.


In those days a chief editor of newspaper “Pravda” talked of complaint that the information disclosure had not really advanced toward.

This newspaper was continuing revealing a lack of a plan of the government about the accident against the governmental bureaucrat-ism and the secretiveness.











This big accident became the big favorable wind for the new Gorbachev Administration.

On the other hand, in Japan, the nuclear plant accident became a factor that condemned the new government for.















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The society and the information 32: information crosses the border 6

.  Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster

< 1. Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster   >


From this time, we look about the negative side of the information running over the world.

As we have already seen, when the information was true, human-rights abuse was stopped, and conflict was suppressed, and also democratization was possible by inspiring people.

However, if that information were distorted, what would have happened?

The news of Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaste    r was typical example of manipulation of information, and the eeriness was remarkable.







 Pollution range

< 2. Pollution range   >


The outline of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster

In 1986, the nuclear power plant disaster of the worst level 7 (it is the same as the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster) happened in the Ukraine of the Soviet Union.

The origin of the accident was this: when conditions of low output power had occurred at the time of a stress test, because the operating staff was panicked by it, they canceled the safeguard and tried to return it normally.

However, the nuclear reaction adversely was runaway, and several seconds afterward, the reactor core melted down and exploded.

The accident cause depends on the test having been just carried out in a structural unstable condition (defect).

But also it may be said that it was not generated if the judgment and the handling of the control officer are right (it is always the same).








.  Worker after the nuclear power plant disaster

< 3. Worker after the nuclear power plant disaster >

The burst size of the radioactive material was 400 times the atomic bomb of Hiroshima.

After one day, it arrived at Sweden on the wind, and was observed throughout the Northern Hemisphere after half a month.

At first, the Soviet Union government did not respond to the situation seriously, and concealed the accident at home and abroad.

Therefore, with being defenseless, a lot of persons that had been sent to fire fighting or restoration work got heavily bombed.






changes in thyroid disease person of neighboring country Belarus

< 4. changes in thyroid disease person of neighboring country Belarus, yellow = adult, blue = young man, red= child, vertical axis = number of patient /100000 people >


The clear damage were 33 worker’s deaths at the first stage, people’s migration of 130,000, and the pollution area of 130,000㎢.

However, a large number of the diseases and the deceased persons that were doubted of radiation exposure increased rapidly afterwards among the associated workers or the local inhabitants.

It is assumed that the deceased persons by the accident are from several hundred to hundreds of thousands of people.

But, because the causal relationship cannot be proved, the formal announcement is nothing (it is always the same).






newspaper report 

< 5. newspaper report >


How would the world report it?

Originally, although the truth should have been reported, the reports were written with respective strong speculation.

For the Soviet Union, the accident was the biggest catastrophe.

This nuclear reactor was an independent developmental technique, and also government management.

The world was in the middle of the U.S. and Russia Cold War.

Moreover, many European and American advanced nations were promoting the nuclear power plant industry, and nuclear power plant industry had grown in greatness.

Once, a prominent American nuclear reactor scholar repeated theoretical calculation, and concluded, “A nuclear power plant disaster is lower than the probability that a meteorite will fall to Yankee Stadium.”


Next time, I look at the reports in East and West.













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Something is strange 32 : people don’t want to mention a fear

Director Yoshida

    < 1. Thank you for Director Yoshida. I pray for the bliss of his dead. >


What is the greatest fear for you?

Is it nuclear missiles from North Korea or 20,000 nuclear weapons in the world?

Do you not overlook the fear that may happen close at hand?







A storage dam may rarely collapse

Strangely, people’s fear for the collapse is few if people live right under the dam than if people live down stream.

To feel fear is necessary for prevention of danger, but it is difficult to look straight.









the accident of Tokai-mura 

< 2. the accident of Tokai-mura >


Past fear

In 1999, workers were stirring liquid solution with a bucket in a certain factory carelessly as always.

However, suddenly, the bucket began to shine palely and alarm equipment blared.

This was the beginning of the Tokai-mura JCO criticality accident.

This became two-person death, one-person serious injury, about 700-person radiation exposure, and 300,000-person stayed within doors.

The amount of damage totaled tens of billions of yen.


This accident investigation reported, ” the direct cause was all the act of the worker, and thing that should be blamed for was a deviation act of the workers”.

The worker was not aware that the slipshod operation of this workplace might cause a chain reaction of atomic fission.

Many nuclear plant accidents are such things in fact.














model of the implements that was used at the accident

< 3. model of the implements that was used at the accident >


What is more fearful?

After the accident, evacuation began on the site immediately, and nobody was going to stop a chain reaction of atomic fission by approaching it.

A member of the Government safety committee scolded executives of the factory who had been backing away.

“ Now if we don’t do it, it becomes more and more terrible”

Before long, while the staffs were exposed to the fear of the radiation, they staffs began to enter the factory and performed work such as casting boric acid.

After 20 hours, it was the end at last.


Without the daring action of this member of safe committee and the staffs, it would cause great disaster.










Accident of the first Fukushima nuclear power plant

< 4. Accident of the first Fukushima nuclear power plant >


In fact, the same incident was taking place

It was a nuclear power plant disaster of Fukushima on March 11, 2011.

Although Director Yoshida sleeplessly had been performing desperate response until morning of the 15th sequentially, later he knew that 90 percent of the whole staffs had evacuated without apology.

The core damage became serious day by day, and the director abandoned hope temporarily.

Therefore, probably, the staff would feel it.

The chains of command of Tokyo Electric Power Company had collapsed, and the upper echelon backed away, and the staff’s despair only deepened.

However, the hard fight of Yoshida and the remained staffs was rewarded and this accident came to calm down in the end of the day miraculously.










Emergency Plan Room of the Nuclear Power Plant

< 5. Emergency Plan Room of the Nuclear Power Plant >


True fear

The Investigation Committee on the Accident had interviewed Director Yoshida for the mentioned situation, but they didn’t make an issue of it in the report at all.

Why was that?

In many cases, the scientist of the important post have tendency to not touch the meaningless sentiment or uncontrollable disaster.

What they should report is only a thing being able to improve.


However, truly, important thing is to seek the settlement with catching essence of the uncontrollable fear.

If it could not become calm, what had happened?

This fear is repeated.













What is the true problem?

A problem of Japan is exposed there.

After all, the predisposition that they could not break out of the government policy has appeared also in cowardly result of the unconstitutional examination of the Supreme Court.  

It means that I delegate all authority to the government.

Naturally, the predisposition to avoid the exhibition of this Yoshida record is also similar.

People can learn many things from the past failure.


Finally, I feel major relief about the people who accomplished till the last without escaping with facing the fear of death.

I owe you my gratitude.










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A background of the nuclear plant accident 3: Is there reliability?

大飯原発, nuclear power plant, Fukui Prefecture, Japan 

< a nuclear power plant in Oicho, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

They had publicly said before the accident, “The nuclear plant is an absolute safety.”

But the people who related to the nuclear power plant cannot be relied upon.

We see about synthetic reliability of the nuclear power plant.









< active fault >

The problem of the nuclear power plant industry

The criticality accident occurred in Tokaimura, Japan in 1999, when some workers were doing work to dissolve 2.4 kg of uranium with a portable bucket.

The damage of the accident became two-person death, 700 bomb victims, 310,000 staying indoors persons, and the claimable amount may become from 60 billion yen to 15 billion yen.

This operation was main work of this company, a possibility of nuclear explosion (criticality), and occurred clearly in slipshod work site.

At this time, the head of the accident-analysis committee has stated.

“All direct causes are in a worker’s act, and the worker’s deviance only should be blamed.”

Another piping damage accident occurred since the position of a fastening plate was not regular, and they also were considering it as the trifling attachment mistake.

On the other hand, they supposed the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster happened by the low-level human error, and presupposed that it is never thought in Japan.

Here are two problems.

They thought that if a worker carries out it with regular procedures, there is no accident.

The accident of high frequency has denied it. 

The accident of nuclear explosion (criticality) is beyond man’s control.

In the nuclear power plant disaster of Tokaimura and Fukushima, only desperate field operation enabled the end.

Naturally the automatic safeguard is not helpful, they must operate it in the killer radiation that they cannot interrupt and cannot watch.

The accident of Tokaimura occurred 34 years after the first nuclear power plant started.

Therefore, the reliability of the organization and people is remarkably inferior.






















大型振動台1000トン用,The vibration table for 1000 tons

< The vibration table for 1000 tons 

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan

The Atomic Energy Society is writing their idea over an accident to the report magazine at five months after the Fukushima accident.

「・・the economic damage was equal to  the national budget・・ We must be determined to do it.・・・

 as the emergency happened beyond expectation, we escape from it…・・・we forsake the result of efforts, I do not think it wise to depend on alternative energy at a stretch.・・」

「Height 15 m tsunami beyond consumption of 5 m attacked the nuclear power plant.・・we need to improve the tsunami height to assume.・・the tsunami height which should be assumed is not the maximum height which can be considered, it is the tsunami height assumed on a design.・・」

I feel anger for this comment.

Since they will prepare a rule beyond expectation and are going to still escape responsibility.

While they know the size of the damage, they prepare still a tsunami height that is beyond expectation and want to escape responsibility.












 振動シミュレーション,oscillating simulation by a computer,  dangerous on a containment vessel

< oscillating simulation by a computer, red placesare dangerous on a containment vessel >

The proper authorities and a government

The Nuclear Safety Commission consists of 390 scholars who teach at university.

They have no authority of a supervisor and have no responsibility.

The electric power company that constructs the nuclear power plant only conducts investigation of an earthquake and tsunami.

Also the company does it after the site location was decided.

The active fault of the seismic source attracted attention 20 years after the first nuclear power plant started.

Once this country said that a nuclear power plant did not build on an active fault.

However, when things were discovered, the prime minister said in Parliament at 2008.

I cannot say that it is unsuitable only since a nuclear power plant is on an active fault.

This is a very irresponsible utterance.



Next time you see about the peculiarity of a nuclear power plant disaster.


















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A background of the nuclear plant accident 1: Influence of mass media

A background of the nuclear plant accident 1: Influence of mass media.

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A background of the nuclear plant accident 1: Influence of mass media

Why did the nuclear power plant disaster of Japan occur?

One big reason is in mass media.

That is because mass media led public opinion to nuclear power plant support.

Today, the influence of mass media is analyzed.






How did Japanese people recognize the nuclear power plant for the past about 30 years?

Almost all persons were uninterested.

Naturally, people do not have the knowledge that can understand the safety of a nuclear power plant.

Therefore, it depended for many on the mass media report and news.

National public opinion trended in the same direction about safety and worth of a nuclear power plant, and an energy policy.

Although we have known about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was hardly connected.







< Transition of nuclear power plant public opinion >

A red line is abolition and a blue line is promotion. Vertical scale is % and horizontal scale is years.

58 years ago, The Yomiuri Shimbun and subsidiary television performed nuclear peaceful use campaign on a grand scale.

Although promotion public opinion was increasing certainly, the trend changed by the nuclear power plant disaster in the late 1970s.

However, a group of promoters began to increase from 1990. Why would be this?

For example, an organization of the country that is performing the education and public relations of the nuclear power plant drew up the report in 1991.

” Repetition, repetition, public relations are required. The readers will forget a newspaper article it after three days. The imprinting effect shows up by writing repeatedly.”







< Advertising expenses of the Tokyo Electric Power Co. >

A green line is expenses transition. A scale of vertical axis is 5 billion Yen (1 dollar = 80 yen). horizontal scale is years.


The effect is quite obvious if you see advertising expenses transition of the Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Probably, the annual advertising expenses of the electric power industry group approached a maximum of 100 billion yen.

The influence has appeared in the statement of the boss of Federation of Electric Power Companies that managed this advertisement.

He threatens major newspaper publishing companies.

“If a report which instigates a consumer movement and crushes a company is written, the advertisement from the company will be lost!”

Then, a major newspaper publishing companies asked that boss for the advertising request.

“Our company president introduced atomic power. But, a rival newspaper has got the promotion advertisement. We do not save face.”

In this way, the newspaper publishing company that was opposing till then changed to nuclear power plant promotion.

The advertisement did not stop only at the newspaper.

Promotion campaign using show-business celebrities, description of the nuclear power plant promotion by an authoritative scholar, the nuclear power plant promotion commercials of TV, hundreds of millions of money was paid to these.

Ironically, Preventing Global Warming campaign was used at nuclear power plant promotion.

These immense advertising expenses came out of our wallet, and troubled us.













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