Went around Croatia and Slovenia 27 : Ancient Roman palace in Split 1

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 27: 古代ローマの宮殿スプリット 1



< 1. At break of day at Trogir >

< 1. トロギールの夜明け >


I introduce an ancient Roman palace from now on.

Today, I introduce the sceneries from the shore of our hotel and from our bus on the way.






< 2. Trogir >

< 2. トロギール >


Upper photo: The Adriatic Sea near by Trogir.

The opposite bank is an island.


Lower photo: Trogir is an ancient harbor city and the world heritage.

This history of Trogir was made by ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and Venice.

Parson that wants to sightsee to Trogir can go to it by taxi.


上の写真: トロギール近くのアドリア海。



下の写真: 世界遺産の港湾都市トロギールが見える。






< 3. At the shore of our hotel at night >

< 3. 夜、ホテルの海岸で >


Upper photo: I look over at Trogir from the shore.

Lower two photos: There were full of people who were enjoying the cool evening breeze in the shore.


Our hotel was built in forest facing the sea, and MEDEENA.

This is a big building built during the socialist era and the facilities were old, but we were able to enjoy it enough.


上の写真: ホテルの海岸からトロギールの方を望む。

下二枚の写真: 海岸には夕涼みを楽しむ人々で賑わっていました。







< 4. At break of day from the shore of our hotel >

< 4. ホテルの海岸の夜明け >


Upper photo: I look over at Trogir.

Lower photo: There were people enjoying sea bathing before 7:00 A.M. on September 4.


上の写真: トロギールの方向を望む。

下の写真: 9月4日の朝7時前でしたが、海水浴を楽しむ人々がいました。





< 5. Views from the top floor of the hotel 1 >

< 5. ホテルの最上階からの眺め 1 >


I took their three pictures at Trogir and they are expanded in turn.

A tower located in the center of the lower picture is the bell tower of cathedral that is representative of Trogir.








< 6. Views from the top floor of the hotel 2 >

< 6. ホテルの最上階からの眺め 2 >

I was sequentially taking their pictures along with turning the west at the same place.

The break of day was warm and quiet.







< 7. On the way to Split >

< 7. スプリットへの道から >


Second photo from the top: It is city remains Salona of the Roman Empire period, and the population in the golden age was 20,000 people.

Here is the birthplace of emperor Diocletianus who built his palace in Split.


上から二枚目の写真: ローマ時代の都市遺跡サロナで、最盛期は人口2万人が暮らした。




< 8. The palace remains in Split >

< 8. 宮殿跡スプリット >


Split is the greatest city in the Dalmatia district of southern Croatia.

The palace remains that we just are going into were built 1,700 years ago.








< 9. We just enter Split >

< 9. いよいよスプリットへ入場 >

Lower photo: A reconstructed picture of the palace.

This palace became ruins once, and was sinking partly, but people came to live there afterwards.


This continues next time.


下の写真: 当時の宮殿の復元図。









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