Went around Croatia and Slovenia 1: introduction

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 1: はじめに


             1-コトル DSC00885 

< 1. A cathedral of Kotor old city and castle walls that surround the mountain at the back >

< 1.コトル旧市街の教会と山に巡らした城壁 >


I saw the sights of 4 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina) in the Balkan Peninsula facing the Adriatic Sea and Doha (Qatar) in the Arabian Peninsula.

It was very wonderful travel.

I was heavily involved in the glittering sights of the Adriatic Sea, in the magnificent nature, in the ancient city that keeps still living and in their life.

I introduce this trip by many photographs from now.







 2 ドブロブニク DSC00337

< 2.   Seeing Dubrovnik old city below from a top of the hill >

< 2. 眼下に見えるドブロブニク旧市街 >


Summary of this trip

I joined a tour organized by a tour company with my wife.

Travel schedule were from Saturday, August 29, 2015 to Sunday, September 6.

We shuttled between Kansai International Airport and Zagreb Airport via Doha Airport by airplanes.

We went around the actual place by a bus.


Good points of this trip

We visited five world heritages, two capitals, and other three sightseeing spots, and were able to contact the history, nature and people’s life.

We were able to enjoy walk because there was the free time from approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours in each sightseeing spot.

Almost everyday, we were able to enjoy walk around our hotel in morning and evening a little.


Slightly bad points of this trip

In the end of August, the lingering summer heat is still intense, and the shadow of photograph appeared strongly.

It was a little regrettable that there wasn’t a half day of free time.





ツアー名 :パート2 夢のクロアチア・スロベニア5ヵ国9日間

旅行日  :2015年8月29日(土)~9月6日(日)

主な行程 :関空・ドーハ経由・ザグレブ空港間を往復。現地は総べてバス移動。

















3 地図2

< 3. Maps indicate our tourist route >

< 3. 観光ルートを示す地図 >

Upper map: A red frame shows 4 countries that we saw the sights.

Lower map: No. 1 – 14 line up in order of the visiting, and show main sight spots (red point) and our hotels (blue point).

Orange lines show the route of our bus.

2 = Ljubljana. 3 = Lake Bled. 4 = Postojna Cave. 5 = the port town of Senj. 7 = Plitvice Lakes National Park. 8 = Neum. 9 = Dubrovnik. 10 = Kotor. 11 = Mostar. 12 = near Trogir. 13 = Split. 1 and 14 = Zagreb.


上図: 赤枠は観光した4ヵ国を示す。

下図: 番号1~14は訪問順序で、主な観光地(赤丸)と宿泊地(青丸)を示す。





< 4. Sightseeing in ancient cities >

< 4. 古都観光 >

A numeral in each photo is a numeral in the maps.

11: Stari Most (stone bridge) in Mostar.

14: Cathedral in Zagreb.

13: Diocletian’s Palace in Split.



11: 中央にモスタルの石橋。

14: 中央にザグレブ旧市街の大聖堂。

13: スプリトのディオクレティアヌス宮殿跡。


5 湖群

< 5. The biggest waterfall in Plitvice Lakes National Park >

< 5. プリトヴィッツェ湖のプリトヴィッツェ滝 >


6 自然

< 6. Two natures that karst plateau made >

< 6. カルスト台地が造る自然 >

7:   Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Upper photo of No. 4: Gate of Postojna Cave.

Lower photo of No.4: Inside Postojna Cave.


7: プリトヴィッツェ湖。

4の上図: ポストイナ洞窟の入口・出口。

4の下図: 洞窟内。



7 景観

< 7. Splendid view >

< 7. 素晴らしい景観 >

3: The church in an island of Lake Bled.

6: Early morning around our hotel in the neighborhood of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

12:   Sunrise of Trogir old city viewed from a beach of our hotel.


3: ブレッド湖の島の教会。

6: プリトヴィッツェ湖近くのホテル周辺の早朝。

12: ホテルの海岸から見た古都トロギルに昇る朝日。


8 自然

< 8. Magnificent nature >

< 8. 大自然 >

A: Mountain range on a border between Slovenia and Austria.

B: A view of the Adriatic Sea (near Rijeka?).

C: Fiord in the neighborhood of Kotor.


A: スロベニアとオーストリアの国境の山脈。

B: アドリア海を望む。Rijekaリエカ辺り。

C: コトル近郊のフィヨルド。



9 町

< 9. Ttownscape >

< 9. 街並み >

5: Port town Senj of the Adriatic Sea.

D: A fortress and town that stands on the cliff of Dalmatia area (the Adriatic Sea coast).

14: The Triple Bridge and a church in Ljubljana.


5: アドリア海に面した港町Senj.

D: ダルマチア地方(アドリア海沿岸)の崖の上に立つ要塞と町。

14: リュブリャナの三本橋と教会。



10 教会

< 10. Various religions >

< 10. 様々な宗教 >

10: An old church of Serbian Orthodox Church in Kotor. The inside is different from Catholic.

2:   Catholic cathedral in Ljubljana.

11: An Islam church of Mostar.


10: コトルのセルビア正教会の古い教会(内部がカトリックと異なる)。

2: リュブリャナのカトリック大聖堂。

11: モスタルのイスラム教会。


11 その他

< 11. Touch to living >

< 11. 生活を感じる >

8: A street in Mostar. The bullet mark of an outer wall shows a civil war of this time.

11:   The shore of Grand Hotel Neum. People enjoyed sea bathing at night.

14: The premises in Zagreb Central Station at early morning.


8: モスタルの通り。外壁に銃弾跡が今次の内戦を物語る。

11: ネウムのホテルの海岸。夜に海水浴を楽しむ人々。

14: ザグレブ中央駅の構内。早朝の散策にて。


12 食事

< 12. Meal and shopping >

< 12. 食事とショッピング >

6: A trout dish of a restaurant in the neighborhood of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

14: Dolac Market (fruit and vegetable) in Zagreb was a full of tourists and local people.

E: A roadside restaurant.


6: プリトヴィッツェ湖近くのレストランでマス料理。

14: 観光客と地元の人で賑わうザグレブのドラツ青果市場。

E: ドライブイン。


13 ドーハ

< 13. Views from airplane and Doha >

< 13. 航空写真とドーハ >

F: Views from airplane from Doha to Zagreb at little distance from Zagreb.

G: A photo just before a landing to Doha.

H:   Souq Waqif ( market) in Doha.


F: ドーハからザグレブへの機内から撮影。ザグレブ近郊。

G: ドーハへ着陸直前に撮影。

H: ドーハのワキーフスーク(市場)を観光。


14 人々

< 14. People whom I met up >

< 14. 巡り会った人々 >

I:   Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb.

J: At a border checkpoint to Slovenia from Croatia.

H: A local guide of Ljubljana.


I: ザグレブのイェラチッチ広場にて。

J: クロアチアからスロベニアに向かう国境検問所にて。

H: リュブリャナにて。現地のガイドさん。


Now, things that I think about this trip

Before going, I thought that Balkan countries became waste by the civil war and were underdeveloped.

But, I became to have good impression toward local people, while our bus had run on the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea and I had seen them at many towns.

I felt envious of the people who lived in a relaxed way in abundant or wild nature.

On the other hand, I touched a scar of the civil war and a traffic jam in a border checkpoint and saw difference between various races and religions.

Then a question arose.

Why did the people in this area have to suffer?


I introduce this travel and the appearance of Balkan countries from various viewpoints.


This continues next time.


























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